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Bent Gate Farms Pastured Meats CSA

$ 299.00


Now you can get Bent Gate Farm’s “Meat You Can Trust” in small freezer friendly quantities.

These shares are great for families who don’t want to commit to our larger beef or pork shares but do want local, pastured meats on their tables. Want more than 30 lbs over the course of the season? Simply order multiple shares!

New this year! Our pastured meats CSA now includes both ground and premium cuts such as steaks, roasts and bacon!

Over the course of the season you’ll receive three installments of our healthy, grass fed meats. (Pick up will be on a Wednesday at your choice of either Sequim or Port Angeles. Exact dates TBD and will be emailed out approximately one week before pickup.)

  • -10 one pound packages of 100% grass fed ground beef (June-ish)

  • -10 pounds farmer's choice organically fed pastured pork. This will be a mix of steaks and/or roasts, bacon and other fine cuts. (September-ish)

  • -10 pounds farmer's choice 100% grass fed beef pack. This will be a mix of steaks and/or roasts, ground and other fine cuts. (November-ish)